Malin Brandl, born in 1997, is a circus performer specialized in aerial silk and trapeze.

Since she was a child, she got attached to circus, carnivals, theater and public performance.

The year she got 13, she finally stepped in the circus world and made her dream come true. She took classes in acrobatics, hand to hand and contemporary dance and performed in a trio. Since then the art of circus accompanied her without a break and with tons of passion.

At 18 years she fell in love with hanging upside down. She started her training in aerial silk and pole dance in the circus school Stromboli in Palma, Spain. Furthermore she took classes in trampoline and floor acrobatics in the circus school Fedriani in Madrid, Spain.

Back in her hometown Salzburg she started her professional training in the CircusTrainingCentrum Salzburg (CTC).

In 2018 she organised and carried out her project “gaining mobility through circus art” with a group of people with disabilities.

She performs in various events, such as art festivals, gala shows, summer festivals and opening events. She is kneen to create new pieces, tell stories and transmit emotions to the audience.

In 2019 she founded her company called “Ziemniaki”. Together they performed their family circus act “The flying potatoes” in the Emailwerk Seekirchen and in the Zwischenräume Festival in 2020.

She is attending a full time education in CAU - international school for theater and circus.

Currently she is a student at INAC - Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo in Portugal. You can contact her in English, Spanish and German. Now she is staying in Portugal, but she also passes time in her home country Austria. She is always willing to travel for jobs.